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A Conservation Club is a big responsibility. There’s safety issues, membership issues, leagues, buildings & grounds ... it just never ends. The thing we need the least is outsiders breaking in and using the facilities on off hours, damaging our facilties, or - worse yet - members purposely breaking the rules and risking the entire Club’s well being. It’s all happened, and more than once. That is why The Board installed a video surveilance system. Multiple cameras at multiple locations record all movement, all the time. So don’t bother breaking in or breaking rules. We’ll not only know who you are, but what you were wearing when you did it. Here the Board lays out the policy for the new security system and the committee overseeing it. We believe members in good standing won’t be bothered by the existance of the system, since a) they obey the rules, and b) our Committee/Board are the only ones who’ll see the tapes, and only if there’s an infraction reported.

OFFICIAL NOTICE: The Stoughton Conservation Club (SCC) depends on its members donating their time and energy to keep The Club moving forward. By doing so, SCC has been able to offer many sporting opportunities and services to its members that would not be available otherwise. In return, we expect our members to comply with the rules and regulations set to ensure the safety of our neighbors and ourselves. To help aid the enforcement of Club rules, we have installed security cameras on The Club’s premises. Following is The Club’s policy regarding security and discipline.

Stoughton Conservation Club’s Policy on Security and Discipline April 1, 2002

The committee for the security system will consist of a combination of both directors and/or officers from the board.

The committee should be advised of any noncompliant issues, the committee will act on case-by-case basis, to each of the complaints. It is up to the committee on the actions that will be taken, if any, for failure to comply.

The committee will advise the board of any actions deemed necessary to be taken. The board will have the final decision on the actions that are to be taken.

Each director/officer has the authority to contact individuals who are not following the rules set forth by this board, and the committee must be notified of any discussion that transpired, if any, for the sole purpose of record keeping.

Only the board will view the videos unless determined otherwise.