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Sunday, October 22 2017 @ 07:33 PM CDT


Stoughton Conservation Club gives out scholarships to deserving children of Club members. A big “thank you” goes out to the membership who attend the Scholarship Banquet and make it a success. Without your support, the scholarship program would not continue, let alone achieve the success it has.

As of 2006, we’ve given out over 40 scholarships to Children of Club members. The annual banquet where these scholarships are awarded is usually held in early August. Along with the excellent meal and awarding of scholarships, attendees are usually treated to raffle prizes that range from fine art prints to firearms to cash (always the perfect gift) to decoys to stunning hand-made quilts. There is always something for everyone to lust after.

A good segue to a huge “Thank You” to the people who donate the raffle prizes. As always on The Web, we’ll leave names off, but these are included in your Newsletter. So look, read and don’t forget to patronize the establishments of these fine folks.

Applications for scholarships is May 1st every year, so put it on your calendar. To be eligible, you need only be the college-bound child of a member in good standing in The Club. If you’re looking for applications, they’re linked here as a (PDF).