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Sunday, October 22 2017 @ 07:42 PM CDT

Outdoor Firearm Range

The Club has three outdoor firearm ranges: A 25-yard range, a 50-yard range and a 100-yard range. They are found on Collins Road behind an outer locked gate (Club members are given the combination) and an internal electronic access door. Each range is covered with its own shelter providing the shooter with protection from the elements and sound suppression. Within each shelter you will find shooting benches and shooting rests. The rests are chained to the benches and are often found on the shelf underneath the bench.

The Four Basic Rules of Firearm Safety always apply to Our Ranges.
1) Treat every gun as though it is loaded.
2) Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.
3) Be sure of your target and beyond.
4) Keep your finger off the trigger until your ready to shoot.


Monday through Friday: 8am to Sunset

Saturday: 8am to 5pm

Sunday: 8am to 3pm


Rule #1: VIOLATING ANY OF THE FOLLOWING RULES CAN COST YOU YOUR MEMBERSHIP FOR LIFE. No refund, no discussion, no second chance, no nothing. If you break any of these rules, you are acting in an unsafe manner. This will not be tolerated.

Rule #2: All shooting must be done from within the Shelters Under no circumstances will you shot from in front of the Benches.

Rule #3: Paper Targets Only “PAPER TARGETS ONLY” means no junk targets. No golf balls, water bottles, milk jugs, cans, bottles, pieces of wood, light bulbs or anything else that is not a paper target. IF IT’S NOT A PAPER TARGET, YOU CANNOT USE IT.

Rule #4: Targets must be inside the Impact Baffles, between the cement walls and under the cement roof. Absolutely no targets or stands are allowed between the shelters and impact baffles. Attach your paper targets to the plastic snow fence using clothes pins (which are provided). There is a wire holding up the snow fence. Do not hang your targets from this wire.

Rule #5: You may use your own target stand, but it must be inside the impact baffle and not support by any of the old tires.

Rule #6: No rapid fire (Definition: 5 rounds in 10 seconds or faster.) Our goal is “safe and fun shooting.” If you are not in control of your aim because you’re shooting too fast, you may be having fun, but you are not being safe.

Rule #7: Members and guests only. (One guest per member). The immediate family of club members (spouses and children) are members, but the card-holding member must be present. You may not drop your kids off; as the card-holder, you must be present. You are responsible for your guests’ and family’s actions.

Rule #8: Children must be supervised at all times. “Supervised” means you are close enough to them to prevent unsafe behavior or accidents, not sitting in the car listening to the game.

Rule #9: Membership card must be on hand. This is the printed one with your name on it. The access card is not proof of current membership. You must have it available if anyone asks for it. Any member of SCC is allowed to ask anyone for proof of membership.

Rule #10: Respect the Range. Anyone purposely damaging the range or equipment or acting in an unsafe manner may be banned from The Club for life.

Rule #11: No foul play. Just as at any range, no running, rough-housing, practical jokes or any other unruly behavior.

Rule #12: Respect the 45-minute time limit. Here’s how this works. Say all the benches in the 100-yard range shelter are occupied and another person comes in looking to shoot. The person who has been at the 100- yard range LONGEST (the first ones there) will indicate to the new party who they are, and will surrender their bench to the new party in 45 more minutes or less. If another party arrives, the person who has been there the second longest will indicate to the new party who they are and surrender their bench to the new party in 45 minutes or less. So on and so forth. Remember, courtesy breeds courtesy.

Rule #13: Clean up your debris before leaving If you shredded your paper target(s), please clean up the shreds.

Rule #14: Be Certain the Entry Door and Outside Gate are Locked When Leaving.

Rule #15: Re-read rule number 1. Not only must we obey these rules, but we must make sure others obey them as well. If you see unsafe behavior or rule violations, you are obligated as a Club member to remind the violators of the rules. If you are uncomfortable doing so, gather all the information you can (including description of the violators and their violations, date and time, their car, license plate and anything else) to help the Board in disciplinary actions. We will also post Board Member phone numbers so you can reach us.